Morning Glory

HER: Why so chipper, it’s the crack of dawn, just let me drink my coffee.

HIM: What’s wrong, another nightmare?

HER: I had the worst dream, you liked some other woman.

HIM: I’m late–Why’s that a nightmare?

HER: You liked her better than me. I could have just wrung your neck.

HIM: You’re mad at me because of some dream?

HER: She was slender-she had long legs-I never saw her face but I assume she was pretty.

HIM: You’re pretty too-I gotta run-Prettier in fact.

HER: But she was nicer than I am. Nicer to you. She was very supportive.

HIM: Really? She was supportive of me?

HER: Yes of you. She didn’t find fault. She loved you just as you are. She thought you were great.

HIM: That’s funny.

HER: Why’s that funny? I don’t think that’s funny.

HIM: Not funny ha-ha. Weird. I had the exact same dream.

© 2009 J Boyer


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