Timmy is a lonely only child. His father is a doctor who makes lots of money. His mother spends it on rubies. Timmy hates his parents.

Timmy cleans the house while his mom polishes her rubies. “Come play with me!” But mom is too busy. When mom naps, Timmy makes his move.

Mom keeps her rubies in a velvet bag. Timmy slinks to the bathroom and locks the door. When mom wakes, she can’t find her rubies. “Timmy?”

Dad comes home. Mom cries on carpet. “Where’s Timmy?” asks dad.
“My rubies have been stolen!” screams mom. Timmy snickers in the bathroom.

Timmy shakes the rubies from the velvet bag. They plip into the toilet. Timmy moves his hand to flush. But Dad knocks on the door. “Timmy?”

Mom bursts into the bathroom. Dad follows. Mom sees the rubies in the toilet. Timmy cowers in the hamper. Mom splashes. Dad sighs. “Timmy?”

Mom collects her rubies from the toilet. Dad pulls Timmy from the hamper. Timmy cries. Mom rushes him. Dad stops her, hugs Tim. Mom joins.

© 2009 Mel Bosworth


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