Work Requirements

The unicorn pulls a cart steered by a virgin, who smiles at the baker’s boy. She has only one thought. Tomorrow she’ll be out of a job.

© 2009 Joanne Merriam

4 thoughts on “Work Requirements

  1. […] picfic has published my very short story, “Work Requirements.” Tags: Metafilter, Twitter This was written by joannemerriam. Posted on Thursday, August […]

  2. […] are Better” (Coyote Wild, January 2008), “Werepenguin” (Strange Horizons, 10 March 2008), “Work Requirements” (PicFic, 18 August 2009), and six untitled scifaiku (three from Scifaikuest’s February […]

  3. […] short, short, short story “The unicorn pulls…” (originally called “Work Requirements”) was reprinted today at Trapeze Magazine. […]

  4. […] accepted two of my microfiction pieces for reprint, which originally appeared in Tweet the Meat and PicFic (that second one is also in On a Narrow Windowsill: Fiction and Poetry Folded onto Twitter), to […]

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