The Adventures of Sebastian the Unicorn weren’t as exciting as the
publisher had hoped.  His friends called him Twitch.

He summered with the reindeer his first year away from home. Most
ignored his single horn, but with the foals, it was Rudolf all over

He fell in love with a Pegasus once, but all she wanted was a
fly-by-night sort of thing.

He loved the Mediterranean, but it didn’t love him back. Neptune was a
mean guy with a penchant for rare horse meat.

Atlantis was the most disappointing stop on the whole adventure. The
brochure insisted that it was right there, impossible to miss.

He had planned to vanquish the red bull to free his brethren in the
northern seas, but someone had already beaten him to it.

Adventure wasn’t for him. His family encouraged him to settle in the
human realm. He became an accountant and lived happily ever after.

© 2009 Michelle Ristuccia


One thought on “Sebastian

  1. jessiecarty says:

    Oh I love this!

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