Every Day, Always

We ice fish on the pond in Maine every winter. Sitting on metal chairs, we doze at slack lines, laugh at tension. “If only,” he always says.

© 2009 Mel Bosworth

5 thoughts on “Every Day, Always

  1. Johnsienoel says:

    So much written within the lines of the unspoken. I felt the frosty air between them. Chilly like the metal chairs – beautiful!

  2. grayestone says:

    Bit of trivia: written for Folded Word’s patron who turns 40 today. Thanks for helping out, Mel!

  3. Eric Beeny says:

    This is great, Mel…

  4. Mel Bosworth says:

    i vant to….zank you! muah-ah-ah-ah!

    happy bday, kg. kevin garnett? nope. better.

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