He is 30 now, and yearns to reset the clock. Not because he thinks he could do any better, but rather because he forgot to pay attention.

© 2010 N. God Savage

7 thoughts on “Rerun

  1. Really nice, Teresa

  2. Wait, was I hallucinating? Gotta get off these meds. Still, a beauty, Mr. Savage.

  3. jessiecarty says:

    oh that one is TOO true : )

  4. Teresa says:

    I quite liked this one myself. Hence, the acceptance. 🙂

  5. Karyn Eisler says:

    So interesting how this piece, and the one before entitled “Standard Practice”, focus on time in different ways. This one, inching forward, but longing to go back. The previous story, inching back in time when necessary, but a dominant compulsion to charge forward. I enjoy how these different orientations to time can be read here in relation to one another ~


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