Not So Much a Rough Guide

The travel guide was accurate, if a tad unhelpful. “For more  information about Hell,” it said, “see below.”

© 2010 Jonathan Pinnock

4 thoughts on “Not So Much a Rough Guide

  1. rausland says:

    Lol!! Too funny 🙂

  2. […] entitled “Not So Much a Rough Guide”. Here’s how it appeared on Twitter, and here’s how it appears on PicFic’s blog. I first wrote this one for the final round of the NYC […]

  3. […] certain that the only reason that I was on Casey’s radar at all was because I’d had a piece of TwitFic published by PicFic, who are the TwitFic (or – in their terminology – picofiction) arm […]

  4. […] waste of time however, as two of my entries from the final, suitably revamped, went on to appear in PicFic and Nanoism […]

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