Love Story

Day 1

It started with sidelong glances at the meat counter. I bought sausages; she bought liver. “Fancy a mixed grill?” I said.

Week 1

It was the way we completed. … each other’s … sentences. It was the way we completed … each other.

Month 1

“Do you love me?” I said. “Love means never needing to say I love you,” she said. “Yes, but do you love me?” I said.

Year 1

When I called to collect my things, my Boba Fett figurine had been smashed into several pieces. “You can glue it together or something, can’t you?” she said.

© 2010 Jonathan Pinnock


15 thoughts on “Love Story

  1. […] However, the trouble with doing a linked story is that each individual part has to stand alone but also has to work with the other parts to add up to a cohesive hole. So I really have no idea if this is going to work or not. Anyway, what I thought I’d try to do is present a love story in four parts. The first part is called “Day 1″, and here it is. […]

  2. julie Corbett says:

    neat very neat indeed!!!

  3. Thanks! There’s more on the way …

  4. […] second part of my PicFic love story went live yesterday. It’s called “Week 1″ and we have moved on from flirting over the meat counter to […]

  5. […] third instalment of my PicFic love story went live on Friday, and here it is. A certain amount of neediness creeping in, I […]

  6. Effie says:

    Love it! : )

  7. grayestone says:

    Thanks! We’ve really enjoyed publishing this story a piece at a time.

  8. Mike says:

    Very well done! Each one a story onto itself, but combined they make something much bigger. Great pacing too and so real it’s like you’ve been reading my diary!

  9. Thanks, everyone. I had no idea whether or not this would work, but I thought it was worth a shot 🙂

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  11. Bruce Harris says:

    Very well done!

  12. […] Heron. Folded Word are the people who produce PicFic (regular readers may remember this, as well as this) and I like their quirky approach to finding new ways to present fiction and poetry, so I was […]

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