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Bleeding Acquaintance

A Mask covered all but the mole in his hand, she recognized and smiled.  He signed No but she stood firm, and a bullet showed acquaintance.

© 2010 Vinod Narayan

The Fence

The mango tree he planted as a kid was still there and bore fruit, but the fence had been redefined and now it belonged to the neighbor.

© 2010 Vinod Narayan


In the hospital, before the procedure, the technician insists on shaking my hand. His hand is sticky. Nothing good can come from this.

© 2010 Tom Mahony

The Curious Practice of Pet-Naming

“What’s your dog’s name?” Leo asks. “Bear,” I reply. “Yours?” “Tiger,” he says back. “Any other pets?” “Yes.  A cat named Puppy.”

© 2010 Karyn Eisler

Revenge Served Cold

She left me so I became a super villain. I don’t recycle, I keep the  lightbulbs burning. Soon, my precious glaciers…soon….

© 2010 Eric Berg
*April 2011: Featured in our Best Of list to celebrate PicFic’s 2nd Birthday