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What the King Wants…

I told you to paint the portrait AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE, but NOOO you had to go all idealist on me. Cromwell! Get this marriage annulled!

© 2010 Ben White


The manuscript returns in the mail with a post-it note that says “too literary.” She does a find & replace, switches “Bob” to “The Vampire.”

© 2010 Ben White

Empty Calories

After his mother the surgeon left home, he ate two apples everyday.

© 2010 Ben White


She looks down at the pregnancy test, eyes tracing the plus sign. “John,” she calls, “is there something you want to tell me?”

© 2010 Ben White

Global Warming

The proof is in the pudding. No, I mean I literally dropped it inside this vat of pudding. Please, we need to hurry. Start eating.

© 2010 Ben White
*April 2011: Featured in our Best Of list to celebrate PicFic’s 2nd Birthday