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She wrote them down on (s)lips of paper—fears, regrets, resentment, anger.
One by one, she placed them in the fla(me) of a cinnamon candle.

© 2011, Karyn Eisler
companion story to Dorothee Lang’s “D(ash)” (link will go live at 6:00 p.m.)


The Fickle Consumer

I thought you were vegan? I was, but when I saw these boots at a 50% off sale I became vegetarian instead.

© 2010 Karyn Eisler


Do not ask me to explain, describe, or utter how or what I see and do or feel and think. Your interest empties me of strength.

© 2010 Karyn Eisler

Flight 493

German, Italian, Hungarian, French – I hear a symphony at the departure gate; a cacophony of sound; a waltz, an allegro, a cello suite.

© 2010 Karyn Eisler


As a child, I wanted glasses, faked bad eyesight, it worked. Today, I want full vision, but I take off my spectacles and can’t read a word.

© 2010 Karyn Eisler