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Ultra-Modern Art

A placard below the empty frame: “Because of a design defect, this painting has been recalled by the artist.”

© 2010 Robert Laughlin

Intermission Snipe

Please replace your speaker before driving away. Failure to do so will damage your car. There is a grenade inside your speaker.

© 2009 Robert Laughlin
*April 2011: Featured in our Best Of list to celebrate PicFic’s 2nd Birthday

Making the Record Book, at Any Cost

It didn’t take Guinness long to regret the new category, “Most Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wounds”.

© 2009 Robert Laughlin

It’s a Square World After All

On her desk, Sal had a cube with Mercator lines and the world’s continents. Sal was the first geography teacher to get a Section 8 discharge.

© 2009 Robert Laughlin

From a Sidewalk Sale

A homemade bookmark, with hand-drawn bugs and a yarn tassel. 25 cents wasn’t much to buy a little girl self-esteem.

© 2009 Robert Laughlin