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Grandma dearly loved to take her pet boa, Petunia, with her everywhere she went. We worried, but she just “tsk tsked”.

Right up until the end, she was saying ‘Tunia was only a little tighter than a girdle and they’d be none the worse for it.

©2011, Debbie Feller


Before the Impervious Pills Exploded

You ran into this shining star that was bouncing all over the place and you started flashing all sorts of colors and the fast music played.

You thought you were invincible.

© Willa Houston Moore, 2011



“Why not? Well, maybe I don’t want a mirror.” She picks up my cigarette again. Inhales.

“Besides, if we date I won’t tell you any more of my secrets.” She laughs silently in smoke like the roaring ghost of a lion.

© 2011, Eric Kenron