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Love Story

Day 1

It started with sidelong glances at the meat counter. I bought sausages; she bought liver. “Fancy a mixed grill?” I said.

Week 1

It was the way we completed. … each other’s … sentences. It was the way we completed … each other.

Month 1

“Do you love me?” I said. “Love means never needing to say I love you,” she said. “Yes, but do you love me?” I said.

Year 1

When I called to collect my things, my Boba Fett figurine had been smashed into several pieces. “You can glue it together or something, can’t you?” she said.

© 2010 Jonathan Pinnock


Meet Your Uncles

Look kid. Daddy’s never coming back, okay? He joined the circus or something. Now if you don’t mind, “Top Chef” is on.

I know you miss Daddy, Sweetie, but save the tears for Dr. Carter. I’m not very good with the emotional stuff.

I do want to spend time with you, darling. It’s just that mommy needs time with her boyfriends, too.

The baby sitter’s name? Tiffany? Emily? Ashley? Does it matter?

© 2010 Tina Barry