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Prompt for Pic of the Week 21

Another blue car goes by. Why does he keep her waiting? It gives her too much time to think. She won’t wait next time. He’ll be waiting.

story © 2010 Wakefield Mahon
photo © 2010 Shane Greb



Allison's Cookout

prompt for Pic of the Week 18

Allison took composting very seriously, and guarded the corn cobs after Jen and Tim started a cob fight at her holiday BBQ.

story © 2010 S. Kay
photo © 2010 Shane Greb

Hazy on the Details


prompt for Pic of the Week 16

The song goes, “’scuse me while I kiss the sky.” She heard it as a call to “kick the sky.”

story © 2010 Peg Duthie
photo © 2010 Shane Greb

The Pigeonhole Principle

The Strand Street Theater

prompt for Pic of the Week 13

Jon Yates was proud to become the new Governor by winning The Tremont Ballroom’s Quadrennial Musical Chairs Competition.

story © 2010 Stephen M. Wilson
photo © 2010 Shane Greb


Lauren getting ready

prompt for Pic of the Week 5

Demeter found solace playing the accordion in a bar. She’s tired of her daughter’s reality TV drama and Hades meddling with global warming.

story © 2010 Jessica Otto
photo © 2010 Shane Greb