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Not So Much a Rough Guide

The travel guide was accurate, if a tad unhelpful. “For more  information about Hell,” it said, “see below.”

© 2010 Jonathan Pinnock

Meet Your Uncles

Look kid. Daddy’s never coming back, okay? He joined the circus or something. Now if you don’t mind, “Top Chef” is on.

I know you miss Daddy, Sweetie, but save the tears for Dr. Carter. I’m not very good with the emotional stuff.

I do want to spend time with you, darling. It’s just that mommy needs time with her boyfriends, too.

The baby sitter’s name? Tiffany? Emily? Ashley? Does it matter?

© 2010 Tina Barry


The Curious Practice of Pet-Naming

“What’s your dog’s name?” Leo asks. “Bear,” I reply. “Yours?” “Tiger,” he says back. “Any other pets?” “Yes.  A cat named Puppy.”

© 2010 Karyn Eisler


It’s London Zoo and ten minutes to closing time. The clock walks in and out of cages. I love you baby when you laugh like that at monkeys.

Penguin and pelican, wing in wing, approaching. It’s some bird act, I know. Two birds from nowhere. One flies, one walks.

The zoo stuntman is immobile today. Poor orang-utan with nowhere to go. Panda winks at him, tries to cheer him up, and fails.

We’ll take a photo of you with the lovebirds, and you pay for it on the way out, please. We are zoo paparazzi with a Polaroid camera.

What happens when all the animal cages are cleaned? They get dirty again in no time. What happens when they get dirty again?

© 2009 Nora Nadjarian

Better Things

Grass meets her back, then his, then hers.  Tasting each other the moonlight is ignored.  The eclipse, which they came for, forgotten.

© 2009 xTx