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PicFic Turns 2

virtual cake and candles for us all

To celebrate PicFic’s 2nd birthday, current editor Casey Murphy has selected a list of seven stellar stories from our archives. This means the next seven issues on Twitter will link back to the originals. Can’t wait two weeks? Want to know which stories made it NOW?

Mouthpiece by Christian Ward
Intermission Snipe by Robert Laughlin
Revenge Served Cold by Eric Berg
Think by Bruce Harris
Global Warming by Ben White
In Vino Veritas by Kevin Bishop
An Agonizing Choice by Tom Mahony

The creation of this list was an agonizing choice. If your favorite stories didn’t make it, please share which ones you would have chosen. The point of this celebration is to remember what an incredible collection of words and wordcrafters this archive holds.

Bon anniversaire to all our contributors and readers!



Trying to forget you, I sandblast my brain with fake, alternative, memories. Yet you stand out like a sharp knot still, refusing to yield.

© 2010 Nathalie Boisard-Beudin

The Day You Left

I turned into a couch. I turned into a potato. I sprouted eyes. I sprouted wings. I was a fly. I flew.

I got a perfect score in buzzing. I was a star. I drifted. I snowed in the summer. I was slush. I got the flu.

I turned into a cough. I turned into a sneeze. I blew down my house. I sprouted a tail. I ate a pork pie. I turned into you.

© 2010 Rose Auslander


Amber moon on an electric blue sky. Shimmering sequins of stars. A line of tall, slim trees, a cat walking. A man designing women’s dreams.

© 2010 Nora Nadjarian

Except NASA

As the asteroid hits, no one says, “I wish I had spent more time at work.”

© 2010 Ben White