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The Nanny Cam

Their daughter bursts in. Drops her school bag – Mommmma! His wife turns. She reaches out her hands and pushes the little girl away.

© Steven Wolfe, 2010

First Anniversary Gifts

For the third wife, the dreamcatcher the second one left behind.

© Braydon Beaulieu, 2010


Her name was Lisa. Her skin looked silky soft. He wanted to tell her, but he was shy and he spoke with a lisp.

© Bruce Harris, 2010

To Have Your Cake

He was homeless and hungry. I handed him a free meal coupon for a fast food joint. “Nothing doing,” he said, “that stuff will kill you.”

© Bruce Harris, 2010

And Her Green Eyes

At the party, his boss raved about her stew and her sunny smile. “Fido knocked the vase.” She said as she smiled and swept the broken glass.

© Maya Malhar, 2010