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An Agonizing Choice

I stepped on a stingray. Pain ravaged my leg. A bum offered to piss on it for ten bucks. I declined. He said it was my loss. Hmm. Doubt it.

© 2010 Tom Mahony
*April 2011: Featured in our Best Of list to celebrate PicFic’s 2nd Birthday

Strategic Moves

When he threatens her, she says, “Ain’t right to hit a girl.” He swings and misses. She clocks him with a textbook. She smiles. “Told you.”

© 2010 Sarahlyn S. Bruck

The Doctor in Him

The obstetrician became a father himself for the first time. The baby cries. He ignores her and lifts the afterbirth. “Beautiful,” he says.

© 2010 Bruce Harris

Not So Much a Rough Guide

The travel guide was accurate, if a tad unhelpful. “For more  information about Hell,” it said, “see below.”

© 2010 Jonathan Pinnock

I Used to Know

Which came first? Being depressed? Or eating the entire bag of Oreos?

© 2010 Carrie Kei Heim Binas