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Prompt for Pic of the Week 21

Another blue car goes by. Why does he keep her waiting? It gives her too much time to think. She won’t wait next time. He’ll be waiting.

story © 2010 Wakefield Mahon
photo © 2010 Shane Greb


Abandoned Love

street leather trade

Prompt for Pic of the Week 20

He wondered if she still loved him. He’d bought her roses, wine and shoes. Gave her his heart, flowers, chocolate–even his beloved jacket.

story © 2010 Mike Donoghue
photo © 2010 random flotsam

Emergency Kit for Fishing in Maine

be prepared

prompt for Pic of the Week 19

Always keep a plunger handy. One was on the wedding list. Amy knew how Uncle Stan had saved himself from the bear in 1967.

story © 2010 Julie Corbett
photo © 2010 Dan Rako


be prepared

prompt for Pic of the Week 19

His chaste date joked about the “bowels” of the truck. “Bed,” he snarled. “BED BED BED
BED BED.” Crap. That wouldn’t help them get there.

story © 2010 Shannon Anthony
photo © 2010 Dan Rako


Allison's Cookout

prompt for Pic of the Week 18

Allison took composting very seriously, and guarded the corn cobs after Jen and Tim started a cob fight at her holiday BBQ.

story © 2010 S. Kay
photo © 2010 Shane Greb