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Burial at Sea

“Captain arrives at Church”

formal strides crunch the gravel
bearers side step the tributes
to dock the coffin
starboard of the widow

“Piping the Captain Aboard”

uniforms whiter than
Confirmation dresses sway to
shrill whistles and calm tides
looking to the ocean for another
storm to rave against

“Captain my Captain”

flag and sword
grave goods for Neptune but
no flowers to woo
his mistress the sea

©Julie L Corbett, 2011


Paddling Instructor

He swung the oar, just missing other tourists in their boat. Always one like him in the beginner class, but they rave on Yelp.

© S. Kay, 2011


Graves Laid Flat

She hopscotched the stones, a warning in her head ‘don’t step on the cracks’. Her feet on the slabs, she asked her mum ‘which one’s granny?’

©Samantha Priestley, 2011


Genie in a Teapot

At the auction, they raved over the lamp. Alice bid for the cracked teapot. She’d persuaded the genie he would be more comfortable there.

©C.E. Hyun, 2011



“You’re so beautiful and nice,” she says. Pleased with how good paying compliments made her feel she continued smiling in the mirror.

©2011, Guy Belleranti