As a child, I wanted glasses, faked bad eyesight, it worked. Today, I want full vision, but I take off my spectacles and can’t read a word.

© 2010 Karyn Eisler

5 thoughts on “(Re)Vision

  1. […] The first in the series is entitled (Re)Vision. The direct link is → here. […]

  2. Karyn Eisler says:

    So wonderful to have this twitter story in PicFic. The tale’s back story is rooted in my past, in a secret, in a 70’s TV character played by Eve Plumb. I hadn’t dare tell this, until now. Here’s the link:

  3. grayestone says:

    You aren’t the first to blur the memoir/fiction line. Fun, fun! It’s the joy of the short form, I think:-)

  4. […]  My first story in the ‘Featured Contributor’ series is here, with a  blog note about the back story here. ▶ No Responses /* 0) { […]

  5. […] an airport terminal inspired ‘Flight 493’. Another example is here, where I explain how ‘(Re)Vision’ connects to a 70′s TV character and my childhood obsession with Jan […]

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